What It Takes To Remove Your Eviction From the Record?

If you’re a tenant who failed to pay the rent or might have violated the lease agreement somehow, the landlord will be up to evict you. Eviction is the legal process that involves landlords taking their tenants to court. In case if the case is won by the landlord, the tenant will have to move out immediately. To be unfortunate, when you get evicted from your rented apartments it can damage the credit history seriously. There is, however, a way for removing your eviction record as well as improving the credit rating.

First of all you should try contacting the landlord of your apartments in Huntsville for settling down the unpaid debt. You can make a try for negotiating some payment plan or settlement offer with the former landlord. Ensure that your landlord is ready for contacting credit bureaus for having them to remove your eviction record.

You can ask for the confirmation letter from your landlord that must outline terms of your agreement. The total due balance, due dates, payment arrangement and description of fees you’ll be charged should all be outlined in this confirmation letter. The fees can include late fees for the unpaid rent, charge for violating the lease terms and any court costs related to filing the eviction.

Each payment needs to be submitted by the due date. It’s significant that you stand by this payment schedule. All the payments must be made on-time but, in case, if there is a delay then you should contact your landlord and inform him before time.

The final payment should be sent to a landlord, and once he has received the last payment as per schedule, the balance amount will be paid completely. This is the time when your landlord of apartments for rent in Huntsville Al must send the confirmation letter stating that you have paid all your due amount and weren’t in default any longer.

It should also be verified that eviction record has been removed by the landlord from the credit report. Once 30 days have gone by, you can place an order for getting a credit report copy for you from 3 main credit bureaus. Now take a look at the section named ‘Public Records’ and check whether an eviction record is present there or not. In case if you still find your eviction listed in this part of the report, you’ll have to submit your dispute formally to all the credit bureaus for having this information removed from the report.

Not only do many landlords perform the credit check, but they also use the services of tenant screening companies for verification of the rental history of the applicant. It should be ensured that the previous landlord of your Huntsville apartments also gets your eviction record removed from the popular tenant screening companies as well.